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to a site for educators who feel stuck between pedagogy and policy.

This site is designed to help early childhood educators in public school settings maintain their integrity by becoming pedagogical leaders while honouring the system in which they work.

Education is changing, it always has been changing.  But are the changes always for the better?  Those of us that work in the public education system have undoubtedly butted heads with board policy.  With play based learning on the rise in kindergarten programs, policy and pedagogy have become intertwined in a knot of what is versus what's right.  In these pages, it is my hope to help early childhood educators (specifically those teaching in kindergarten programs) in public systems to:


  1. discover more about who you are as an educator

  2. understand what the system you work for is all about and how to navigated it effectively

  3. remind you that you are important

  4. Introduce my take on the concept of Pedagogical Leadership

This is surely not the only way to help accelerate change in the education system, but it will ensure that the changes honour your voice, just as you honour the voice of your children and the current theories designed to help them grow.

This website is designed to be followed sequentially through the steps, but as someone who never enjoys being put in a box, feel free to jump around.  

Before we get started let's get our minds warmed up by checking out how connection is the corner stone to positive action.



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