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A Little About Me

Nobody puts Cameron in a box.  Many have tried.  Many have got me in, but they've never been able to contain me.  It's not that I denounce all boxes.  Boxes serve great purpose.  They keep a certain amount of order in the world.  But they also contain and conceal.  I like to know what's in the box, but I also like to know what's outside the box.

I have been a teacher in Ontario since 2006.  My first year teaching was at a high end private school.  I was asked to continue my tenure the following year but I am a firm believer in public education, not because of its box, but because of its inclusiveness.  Since 2007 I have taught in the Ontario public school system.  I have my qualms and will constantly try to push the system in a stronger direction, but in doing so, I will always stand up for it.

I have two wonderful boys and a wife who is changing the world.  Together we help rescue animals from terrible situations such as factory farms and neglectful owners.  We share our lives with several hens that spent the first portion of their lives in wretched conditions, being forced to lay eggs for human consumption, at the cost of their freedom and rights.  We also share our lives with two potbelly pigs that were neglected by their previous human companion.  Our family's belief that all beings have rights is what guides my teaching practice.  The connections between the history of child welfare and animal welfare are too eerily similar to ignore one and praise the other.

This website has been developed as part of my Masters of Education program in hopes of helping educators navigate public school system policy that impedes learning.  After reading this website I hope you feel more comfortable in your role within a school system.  We are all connected.  If you would like to connect with me, please email me at

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